Current & Future CIAN Students

Who is a CIAN Student?

A CIAN Student is an undergraduate or graduate student attending a CIAN university participating in a research project within a CIAN laboratory on a CIAN-related research project. A CIAN student may or may not be funded. Undergraduate students interested in CIAN and volunteering with CIAN outreach are also considered CIAN students and are called CIAN Ambassadors. Additionally, an undergraduate or graduate student who does not attend a CIAN university, but instead attends a community college or university nearby, is also considered a CIAN student if he or she receives a CIAN Undergraduate Research Fellowship or Veteran Research Supplement to participate in a research project in a CIAN laboratory.

How do you Become a CIAN Student?

You may already be considered a CIAN student! Reach out to the CIAN Education team to confirm your status and receive the benefits of a CIAN student. If you are not currently preforming research in a CIAN laboratory we encourage you to contact the faculty member whose research interests you and enquire about joining his or her laboratory. Afterwards, please contact CIAN Education and you will be setup as a CIAN student. We also encourage students to apply for CIAN research funding opportunities including the Undergraduate Research Fellowship, the Diversity Fellowship, and Veteran Research Supplement.

Why Become a CIAN Student?

Many benefits accompany being a CIAN student.

•CIAN Research Opportunities
•Travel Grants and other funding opportunities
•The CIAN SLC Scholarship
•The opportunity to grow into the Engineer of 2020 vision
•Networking opportunities with fellow CIAN students, faculty members, and industry

If you think that you may be a CIAN student or if you would like to become a CIAN student, please contact us!


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