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CIAN aims to offer the highest quality photonics education for students as well as professionals. The following materials are offered to address educational pursuits at all levels.

Masters in Photonics & Communications Engineering (PCE)

This degree approaches an engineering education from a modern viewpoint with applications to today’s most recent and thriving technologies. With its distance learning option it is an exceptional option for professionals as well as distant students. Learn more through the College of Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona.

Certificate in Photonics & Communications Engineering (PCE)

Like the Masters in PCE, the certificate covers similar topics in today’s technologies as applied to photonics and communications engineering. However, the certificate is an option for professionals and students seeking to learn more about PCE and gain experience in the topic without the commitment of the Masters program. Learn more through the College of Optical Sciences at the University of Arizona.

OPTI-500 Course

The OPTI-500 course is…(need to get more info about this from Allison)


During the school year, CIAN regularly hosts a series of professional and education webinar lecture series. Learn more about the webinars and find a recorded webinar that interests you.


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