Photonics Hub

Photonics Hub

The Photonics Hub is an innovative educational clearinghouse for materials involving photonics and optics created by educators across all levels; K-14, university, and post-graduate.

CIAN invites educators to submit materials to be added to the Photonics Hub. Please see the Photonics Hub website for more details and to access the clearinghouse materials.

Additionally, the CIAN Supercourse is hosted on the Photonics Hub and is a vertically-integrated online course uniquely designed to provide learners the ability to customize content based on prior education and to reinforce fundamental understanding of photonic concepts. 

The CIAN Supercourse covers the following:


Middle School Modules

          Module 1 - Nature Of Light

          Module 2 - Propogation in Fiber & Networks



High School Modules

           Module 1 - Interaction of Light with Materials

           Module 2 - Propagation in Fibers



Undergraduate Modules

          Module 1 - System Overview

          Module 2 - Optical Fiber Materials



Graduate Modules

          Module 1 - Electromagnetic Wave Propagation

          Module 2 - Linear fiber propagation




Supplemental Materials I

            Module 1 - System Overview

            Module 2 - Optical Fiber Materials



Supplemental Materials II

            Module 1 - Electromagnetic Wave Propagation

            Module 2 - Linear fiber propagation



OPTI500 Course



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