Webinar Date Title Presenter
4/28/2017 INTEGRATED PHOTONICS IC Gilles Lamant
2/2/2017 Startup Life – Fact and Fiction Will Tungpagasit
11/10/2016 Current Security Threats and How to Stop Them Lou Norman
10/28/2016 Towards Understanding and Exploring Artificial Nonlinearities in Silicon/Dielectric Waveguides Rajat Sharma
10/17/2016 A Look at the Optical Layer of Cloud Networks Dr. Ratul Mahajan
8/19/2016 Long Wavelength Tunable VCSELS Dr. Chris Chase
7/20/2016 Internet of Things: Teaching, Community-Building, and Health & Well-Being Dr. Michael Wang (alumni)
5/19/2016 Effective Communications & Personal Branding Roya Soleimani
4/1/2016 Pitch Reducing Optical Fiber Arrays Dr. Dan Neugroschl
3/25/2016 AMUSE: Large-Scale Video Delivery over Wifi Varun Gupta
1/11/2016 Packaging of Integrated Photonic Systems for Datacom and Life Science Applications Dr. Peter O'Brien
12/4/2015 Adaptive Coding for Intelligent Aggregation Networks Dr. Ivan Djordjevic
11/23/2015 Athermal Silicon Photonic Devices Soha Namnabat
10/21/2015 Networks after the Fiber Capacity Crunch Dan Kilper
9/18/2015 Software-Defined Metro Inter Data Center  Payman Samadi
8/21/2015 Verdet Constant in Microstructured FePt Nanoparticles in PS-P2VP Copolymer Composite Films Alex Miles
4/24/2015 Ge/Si Device Technology for Photonics Integration Dr. Chris Mack,   UT Austin
4/24/2015 How to Write a Good Scientific Paper Dr. Chris Mack, UT Austin
4/17/2015 Photonic Transitions Enabling Effective Magnetic Field for Light Lawrence Tzuang, Cornell University
4/10/2015 Effective Poster Presentations Recording of Dr. George Hess
3/19/2015 Photonic Integrated Circuit Coupling & Packaging Dan Neugroschl
3/13/2015 Integrated Tunable Photodetector For Access Networks Kishore Komirisetty , NSU
1/23/2015 Telecom Hyperbolic Metamaterials Joseph Smalley, UCSD
9/26/2014 Advanced Optical Performance Monitoring for Next-Generation Dynamic Optical Networks Atiyah Ahsan, Columbia University
5/7/2014 Giving Poster Presentations George R. Hess, North Carolina State University
12/6/2013  Holographic 3D Display and Holographic Optical Switch Dr. Pierre-Alexandre Blanche, University of Arizona
10/25/2013 Demonstration of WDM OSNR Performance Monitoring and Operating Guidelines for Pol-Muxed 200 Gbit/s 16-QAM and 100-Gbit/s QPSK Data Channels Ahmed Almaiman, UCSD
10/25/2013 Demonstration of Tunable Optical Generation of Higher-Order Modulation Formats using Nonlinearities and Coherent Frequency Comb Amir Ariaei, UCSD
9/19/2013 Holographic Optical Switch for Data Communication Brittany Lynn, University of Arizona


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