CIAN Alumni

CIAN Alumni

Having received education at some of the nation’s top universities, CIAN supplements undergraduate and graduate school experiences with exceptional opportunities for cutting edge research involvement, student professional development, and resume-enhancing activities.  CIAN promotes and encourages involvement in public outreach and education, meetings with its Industrial Affiliates Board, frequent webinars, innovation and entrepreneurship workshops, annual retreats, and activities associated with annual site visits from the National Science Foundation. As a result of these rare experiences and training, CIAN alumni enter the labor force with competitive portfolios that few other graduates can claim. In addition, follow up with our alumni years after graduation has revealed overwhelming positive feedback and praise regarding the benefits gained from student membership with CIAN. The level of success and career attainment in just a few short years is proof of this- our graduates are spread across the globe, but regardless of geographic location, our grads our doing great things! Many go on to continue publishing research and filing patents, while others have founded successful start-ups in the photonics and optics industries. Just take a look below at where CIAN alumni have ended up:


CIAN's Impact on Alumni

CIAN alumni are surveyed each year to follow up on their achievements, current employment status, and perceived long-term benefits of CIAN participation. Collected through online survey methods, approximately 80 alumni have responded, contributing to the impressive statistics below.

Quick Alumni Stats

  • 80% of CIAN alumni find employment less than two months after graduation.
  • 96% fill jobs in a STEM field.
  • 96% are currently employed (as of 11/2015)
  • 71% agree that CIAN increased their level of preparation for the job market.
  • 71% agree that CIAN has had a lasting impact on their professional life.
  • 50% or more indicate that CIAN involvement helped them develop each of the following skills: Practical Ingenuity, Creativity, Analytical Skills, Good communication, and Ethical and Professional behavior.

CIAN Alumni Testimonials

“I love the support the CIAN community brings. The collaboration and communication it inspires are incredibly useful in both professional and personal environments.”

“CIAN involvement motivated me to put in a great deal of effort at the lab. I got great first-hand experience with optical simulations which carries forward into my job today.”

“I feel truly blessed and humbled for the opportunity to have worked with CIAN during my undergraduate years at Tuskegee University. I am truly thankful for my advisors and professors that brought me into the Research Program... I look forward to seeing and aiding more young minds come into and get degrees in STEM-related fields.”

Ways in which CIAN involvement benefited students’ educational experience…

“I learned how to present a proposal and project review. This skillset has been very transferrable to my life after CIAN. By the time I graduated, I learned important project management skills for running a technical project.”

“CIAN has helped me build a network of professionals working in the same field that are not in my university, and broadened my knowledge on many different levels.”

“I… thoroughly appreciated the projects I was working on and how it increased my knowledge of the Electrical Engineering and bio-sensors field.”

“Having been part of something really important and special. And the camaraderie and support from all of the faculty and staff spanning all of the CIAN universities.”


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