SLC Scholarship Recipients 2016

The CIAN SLC Leadership Scholarship is not currently accepting applications.

Every year CIAN recognizes students showing exceptional leadership and involvement in all aspects of CIAN in pursuit of the Engineer of 2020 attributes.

Everything a CIAN student does throughout the year is considered in his or her application for this scholarship, from outreach to publications and much more. Each student selected for the scholarship receives $500. Every student in CIAN is highly encouraged to apply whether he or she is more active in research, outreach, or both–the application recognizes many activities.

CIAN recognizes the follow students for their participation, leadership, and dedication to in Year 8.




Undergraduate, University of Arizona


To be a CIAN student, it means that one cares about the development of STEM in the community and is passionate about making the internet faster and cheaper for the future. Being a CIAN student made me a better engineer by teaching me the skills to problem solve in lab and to have the people and presentation skills while doing outreach. CIAN has been a big part of my college experience as I have gained many valuable experiences from being active in the CIAN community.



Undergraduate, University of Arizona


Being a CIAN student means being a part of cutting-edge research in exciting projects that I would usually not have the chance to participate in. I am helping to engineer something useful that people will actually benefit from. The program has given me knowledge and skills that put me ahead of the curve and have helped me understand the rigors of research. Being in CIAN is helping me become a great engineer because I am gaining research experience early in my educational career, which has made it easier for me to have more opportunities to participate in other stimulating and innovative research projects in the future.



PhD Student, University of California San Diego


CIAN has given me plenty of opportunities to become a better engineer. Whether it being getting real lab experience doing the CIAN REU at UCSD during my undergrad or being able to collaborate with other graduate students not only in my university but as well as other top universities. Additionally, being involved in the outreach amongst CIAN has really allowed me to become better at conveying knowledge to others, which is a skill that is sometimes lacked in the STEM fields. Overall, a CIAN student is resourceful with their research and the tools they are given, helpful in their communities and willing to go the extra mile.


soha-profileSOHA NAMNABAT

PhD Student, University of Arizona


I enjoyed being a CIAN student during my PhD program. CIAN not only gave me the opportunity to learn about telecommunications on a broader scale, but leveraged my skills in networking with colleagues, faculty and industry, collaboration with different groups of people, and entrepreneurship. I learned more about different topics than other students who didn’t have the opportunity. Also the importance of outreach in our society and the way to give back. I really enjoyed my time with CIAN, especially the outreach and times we were with other CIAN students and learning from each other. This has developed some friendships that may not have happened without the ERC.


morteza ziyadiMORTEZA ZIYADI

PhD Student, University of Southern California


For the last five years, I’ve been a CIAN student at USC and I’ve learnt a lot from this center. Getting the chance to meet and collaborate with different research groups toward a unique goal, gaining experience by different outreach activities, being awarded by the center, and achieving the leadership opportunities for the students are the instances of different opportunities, experiences and benefits that CIAN has provided to me. I’ve learnt a lot from the center program and I’ve enjoyed my time as a CIAN student.


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